Let’s face it, the world is in the midst of one giant meltdown. Waking up to something depressing has become the new norm and it just seems to keep piling on. Here’s some more news that, if true, would really put a damper on your day:

  • For a species supposedly our best friends, puppies can be real jerks sometimes.

  •  Mr. Rogers was a terrible neighbor.

  • Staring at rainbows for too long can cause permanent blindness.

  • Times up... Big Bird.

  • Whitney didn't really want to dance with anybody.

  • The owner of your safe space is a slumlord.

  •  MLK had insomnia.

  • They're making Gotti II.

  • One person has the secret to life but that person is Courtney Love.

AuthorGreg DeLucia